President - Mark Gehringer

I have been a runner since I can remember.  I love running.  I love the freedom I feel, the rhythm of the footsteps, the stress relief and the quiet beauty of a morning sunrise while on a run. 

I started trail running in response to back to back marathons run in cold weather entirely on pavement that killed my knees, hips and ankles with each step.  Trails have softened my landing, balanced my muscles and linked my run of running with my love of the outdoors.  Trail running is in my soul.

My favorite trail race is definitely Western States. I’ve never run it (yet) but I am in awe of its history andhow difficult it is to get in which only makes it that much more special.  My running goal is run Western someday.  Each year I will run a qualifying race for that slim chance at a lottery ticket win.  When I get there, the HATR Nation will be right there with me!

When I’m not running I’m working as a civil engineering, managing the design of Bridgeland, the premier master planned community in Northwest Harris County.  Hey, we even have a short single track segment along the creek, which will grow as we develop if I have anything to say about it!

Vice President - Jeremy Hanson

Back in the fall of 2010 at 33 years old, Jeremy was about 280 lbs and hadn't run in years. His buddy Kevin's sister decided that she wanted to run a half marathon, Kevin told Jeremy about her idea, and they decided to join her quest. Running a half marathon had never crossed Jeremy's mind before that conversation, and he used to run cross country back in school. Their first run was on November 13th, 2010. He hadn't run in years, and that first month his whole body was so sore, but he kept on running anyway. And he'll be the first to tell you that he uses the term "running" very loosely, because he couldn't jog 100 yards without stopping to walk to catch his breath, but he was out there. He ran his first half marathon on February 20th, 2011 in Galveston and it changed his life. He ended up losing 40 lbs and running 3 more half marathons in 2011, but quickly realized that "just running half marathons" wasn't going to cut it. So on January 15th, 2012 he ran the Houston Marathon as his first full marathon and absolutely loved it. He ran the Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon two months later, as his first trail marathon, but realized then that "just running marathons" wasn't going to cut it either. In May of 2012, Rob invited Jeremy to run some mountain bike trails that he found at Memorial Park (Ho Chi Minh Trails), and Jeremy found what he was meant to do. The next month Rob and Jeremy set off on the "Father's Day 50K" as they called it, just the 2 of them, in the middle of June in Houston, TX, and they ran about 32 miles in the heat and humidity and loved every second of it. They've been loving the dirt and the long distance ever since. That first trail run with Rob really changed his life. Running on the dirt out in the woods with his friends is where he belongs. His goal with this group is to introduce others to something that has given so much to him, and he wants to give back to the parks and trails through conservation efforts so that they will be here for the next generation. Some people call it crazy, but for some people it is just what they were born to do.

Secretary - Bhakti Chavda

Assistant Secretary - Carmen Martinez

Treasurer - Dan Bucci

Dan is an avid runner and has been running since 2006.  What started as a casual jog quickly turned into a life long passion.  After running for over a year, Dan began putting on the miles and decided to train for his very first race, which ended up being the Atlantic City Marathon.  He ran the marathon in October 2007 and has been hooked ever since.  While Dan believes that running is all about having fun, it has not stopped him from being a competitive athlete.  To date he has run over 50 marathons and over 15 ultras.  He runs for the Trail Racing Over Texas Team (Team TROT) and has enjoyed about 2 years of time on the trails.  Dan was introduced to the HATRs through Trail Racing Over Texas and very much enjoys his runs with the club.  When not running, Dan works as a Chemical Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Social Committee Chairs - Carmen Martinez and Bhakti Chavda

Merchandise Committee Chairs - Mark Gehringer and Dan Bucci